Simmi Areff

Funny Guy

There is nothing more that I love than making people laugh. Ok that is a lie. I do love my mother more than making people laugh.

Handsome by day. Funny by night. I'm effervescent, observant, witty, awkward, sarcastic and erudite (That is a big word for clever).

I've performed throughout South Africa on big stages with other big comedians but this is my bio on my website so they don't really need a plug.

The Sunday Times and Forbes Africa magazine rate me as an influential millennial and that is kind of a big deal. So ya...



I've been featured on Comedy Central many a time. I've written for South African television shows and I was a permanent prankster on MTV's prank show You Got Got.

My first one man show Strictly Makrooh sold out at the Joburg Theatre and my second solo show Stay At Home Son played to packed houses in Durban for a five night run.

I also have Africa's most successful comedy podcast Lesser known Somebodies.

I was also pivotal in launching Just For Laughs in Africa